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Here’s what single-family detached homes have done in my 20 years as a Licensed RealtorĀ® in the Calgary Real Estate Market. The housing market is one giant market composed of hundreds of mini-markets. Each mini-market has its own unique profile of properties, prices, and history.

Every market is constantly changing. Buyer markets are as common as seller markets. The Mortgage Market causes more shifts in housing supply and demand than oil prices, recessions, politics and whatever you can think up. The money supply goes from loose to tight depending on the whims of mostly unguided politicians and civil servants with their own motivations before your best interests.

The data below is not in anybody’s control. The market swings in every direction like tree branches under the influence of Calgary’s Warm Chinook Winds.

What is in your control is Being in or out of the housing market. The location you pick when you are in. And the condition you maintain your property in. While you are at the mercy of way too many things you have zero control over, there is still enough left that you can control that will make you a happy property owner.

Buy Low when you can. Buy when you’re young also works extremely well!

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