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  • Investing in Real Estate

    Investing in Real Estate

    Investing In Real Estate without becoming a landlord. The stock market is filled with many ways of investing in real estate without becoming a landlord. New investment opportunities are added daily! So, would you like to invest in real estate without becoming a landlord? Stock Market Real Estate Investment opportunities are very broad and very […]

  • Duplex Investing

    Duplex Investing

    Is a Calgary Duplex the right real estate investment for you? Have you ever considered owning a duplex? What about living in one side of your duplex and renting out the other side? Duplex investing is a great way to leverage your investment with relatively low risk. You control the property, and you pick your […]

  • Calgary Bungalows

    Calgary Bungalows

    What is a Calgary Bungalow? At one time in Calgary, bungalows were the only new type of home available. Entire communities like Fairview, Acadia and Haysboro were filled with nothing but bungalows. Many other communities in Calgary built at the turn of the last century also featured bungalows. A typical bungalow was 900 to 1200 […]

  • Foreclosure Sales Report

    Foreclosure Sales Report

    Here is a report of the most recent foreclosure sales. Some of the foreclosure questions we ask and answer in this Calgary Home Sales Report are: We want to know who the seller is and what they have been willing to accept in the past before we write an offer to purchase on a Calgary […]

  • Vacant Homes For Sale

    Vacant Homes For Sale

    If you are looking for a good deal, Vacant Homes For Sale Today in Calgary is a good place to search. You just might find that amazing dream home you’ve always wanted.

  • Court of Kings Bench

    Court of Kings Bench

    Court of Kings Bench Foreclosure Listings Court Of Kings Bench Foreclosure Process The court is the legal seller. The court is acting as a middleman to protect the difference between what the home is worth and what the owner owes. The court is stopping the bank from taking direct control and disposing of the property […]

  • Real Estate Market Feb 2023

    Real Estate Market Feb 2023

    How’s the Calgary Real Estate Market? Feb 2023, the Calgary Real Estate Market is favouring home sellers. Low inventory of all home types has the sellers driving the bus going into the 2023 spring housing market. The current low supply of homes on the market will keep prices firm even though the cost of mortgage […]

  • Calgary Condo Fees

    Calgary Condo Fees

    Condo Fees in Calgary range from .25 cents per square foot up to $1.32 per square foot. The average price per square foot for condo fees in Calgary is .62 cents. Sixty Two Cents is the benchmark to keep in mind when looking at condos to buy in Calgary. Average should raise no red flags […]

  • Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023

    2023 has begun like all past New Year’s, with fireworks lighting up the skies worldwide. Great expectations for life improvements are everywhere. And like every other year, the excitement will dissipate as quickly as the fireworks display fades from sight. We wouldn’t even know it was a new year if we didn’t have a calendar […]

  • Break Even Rentals

    Break Even Rentals

    Break Even Rental Properties Worksheet Successful real estate investors calculate the break-even point of rental properties.  There are only three possible outcomes to investing in Calgary Real Estate. This chart starts with the assumption that you collect enough rent to offset the operating costs. All you can change in this excel worksheet are highlighted in […]

  • Real Estate Investing 123

    Real Estate Investing 123

    Single Family Detached Home Pricesin Calgary Since 1968 In 1968 Calgary, there were no condos and very few townhomes. Single-family detached homes were the benchmark then, so we have excluded condos and townhomes in this story. The chart below tells quite a few interesting stories about the Calgary Real Estate Market. Like, what would the […]

  • Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers in Calgary Most real estate transactions in Calgary have two law firms involved. One law firm for the buyer and another for the seller. When two law firms are involved, each is looking out for the best interests of their respective clients. Neither the buyer nor seller is well represented when only […]