Housing Market Stats

  • Foreclosure Sales Report

    Foreclosure Sales Report

    Here is a report of the most recent foreclosure sales. Some of the foreclosure questions we ask and answer in this Calgary Home Sales Report are: We want to know who the seller is and what they have been willing to accept in the past before we write an offer to purchase on a Calgary […]

  • Real Estate Market Feb 2023

    Real Estate Market Feb 2023

    How’s the Calgary Real Estate Market? Feb 2023, the Calgary Real Estate Market is favouring home sellers. Low inventory of all home types has the sellers driving the bus going into the 2023 spring housing market. The current low supply of homes on the market will keep prices firm even though the cost of mortgage […]

  • Sellers Market – Jan 2023

    Sellers Market – Jan 2023

    Low resale inventory in all Calgary home types combined with steady property sales has created a home seller’s market as of January 25, 2023. Calgary Home Sellers are in control when the resale inventory of homes drops below a few months’ supply. The Supply & Demand chart below has a lot of information on the […]

  • Home Prices Heading South in Calgary

    Home Prices Heading South in Calgary

    Mortgage Interest Rates are the Number One Cause of Price Changes in the Calgary Real Estate Market. Interest Rates cause home price changes that cause monthly payment changes. The money market controls the home market. The money market is subject to world events, government reactions, and overreactions. One thing is for sure; almost everyone needs […]

  • 2022 Oct Market Stats

    2022 Oct Market Stats

    October 2022 ended with 4,017 homes left on the Calgary Real Estate Market. Sales and listings are both down from October 2021. The daily average units sold was down vs last year. However, the percentage of total listings was up from 42% to 46%. 

  • 2022 Sept Market Stats

    2022 Sept Market Stats

    The Calgary Real Estate Market in September of 2022 saw Detached Home Sales get Hammered by Higher Interest Rates while the same Higher Mortgage Interest Rates Prop Up Condo Sales.  

  • 2022 July Market Stats

    2022 July Market Stats

    Calgary Home Sales – July 2022 Stats All Calgary Homes – Detached, Attached, and Condos July 2022 Calgary Home Sales at 42% of Listings Sold continues to favour home sellers. The Calgary Real Estate Board, right or wrong, considers a three-month supply of inventory a balanced market. Over 33%, they say, is a seller’s market. […]

  • 2022 June Market Stats

    2022 June Market Stats

    All Calgary Home Sales As Of June 30, 2022 The Calgary Housing Market, Like Most Things, Is Subject To The Laws Of Supply And Demand. High Supply Tends To Lower Prices. Low Supply Tends To Push Prices Higher. Buyers Always Have More Choices Than Sellers, Including Doing Nothing While Waiting For The Market To Change. […]

  • 2022 May Market Stats

    Calgary Home Sales as of May 31, 2022 The Calgary Real Estate Market for May 2022 continued to favour home sellers. Even with higher mortgage rates, higher resale inventory, and wars, home sales in May 2022 are slightly higher than one year ago. The market has seen a large number of real estate investors selling […]

  • 2022 Apr Market Stats

    Calgary Home Sales as of Apr 30, 2022 Average Daily Sales of Homes in Calgary for April 2022 are slightly higher than April 2021. Does this mean the Calgary Housing Market is starting to slow down? The numbers would suggest that is the case. We have had a rise in the Bank of Canada Prime […]

  • 2022 Mar Market Stats

    Calgary Homes Sales as of March 31, 2022 Daily Average Sales drop from 185 in Feb to 133 in March. However, total sales for the month of March reach what has to be an all-time high for the City of Calgary Real Estate Agents. 4,124 homes in Calgary got claimed by new owners. The Calgary […]