All Calgary Home Sales As Of June 30, 2022

The Calgary Housing Market Like Most Things Is Subject To The Laws Of Supply And Demand. High Supply Tends To Lower Prices. Low Supply Tends To Push Prices Higher. Buyers Always Have More Choices Than Sellers Including Doing Nothing While Waiting For The Market To Change.

Right now we see supply going in the opposite direction of demand. This is normal for this time of year as real estate can be seasonal as well. Real Estate also moves slowly. Prices and inventory do not change quickly. But they do change. These charts give you a lot of information on the overall Calgary Housing Market at a glance. Knowing what the overall market is doing in Calgary is very important as you consider your next move. When the time is right for you, we would be happy to supply you with more specific market data for your unique situation. Contact Jerry at 403 831 0842 or

Single Family Detached Homes As Of June 30, 2022

Attached, Semi-Detached And Townhome Sales As Of June 30, 2022

Apartment Style Condo Sales As Of June 30, 2022

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