Calgary Real Estate News, Views, & Stats

  • Break Even Rentals

    Break Even Rentals

    Break Even Rental Properties Worksheet Successful real estate investors calculate the break-even point of rental properties.  There are only three possible outcomes to investing in Calgary Real Estate. This chart starts with the assumption that you collect enough rent to offset the operating costs. All you can change in this excel worksheet are highlighted in […]

  • Home Buyers Regret

    Home Buyers Regret

    Home Buyers Regret For many Canadian first-time home buyers in 2022, some will be suffering from home buyers’ regret. Watching prices fall on a home you just bought makes people question their luck and intelligence, amongst other things. The media stokes the gaslighting with clickbait headlines on stories that are just plain nonsense. If you […]

  • Selling A Home In Winter

    Selling A Home In Winter

    Selling A Home in the Winter – Pros & Cons Selling a home in the winter is a bit more of a hassle because of the weather. But there are advantages. The total number of listings on the market gets less and less as winter sets in. Other listings are your competition. In this case, […]

  • Real Estate Investing 123

    Real Estate Investing 123

    Single Family Detached Home Pricesin Calgary Since 1968 In 1968 Calgary, there were no condos and very few townhomes. Single-family detached homes were the benchmark then, so we have excluded condos and townhomes in this story. The chart below tells quite a few interesting stories about the Calgary Real Estate Market. Like, what would the […]

  • Home Prices Heading South in Calgary

    Home Prices Heading South in Calgary

    Mortgage Interest Rates are the Number One Cause of Price Changes in the Calgary Real Estate Market. Interest Rates cause home price changes that cause monthly payment changes. The money market controls the home market. The money market is subject to world events, government reactions, and overreactions. One thing is for sure; almost everyone needs […]

  • Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers in Calgary Most real estate transactions in Calgary have two law firms involved. One law firm for the buyer and another for the seller. When two law firms are involved, each is looking out for the best interests of their respective clients. Neither the buyer nor seller is well represented when only […]

  • Home Inspections

    Home Inspections

    Calgary Home Inspections Subject To Review and Approval of a Home Inspection. A smart buyer’s condition to add to an Offer to purchase of any home. A home inspection is an opportunity to complete more in-depth due diligence. Before waiving conditions to make it a firm deal. Are there any major problems with the home? […]

  • 2022 Oct Market Stats

    2022 Oct Market Stats

    October 2022 ended with 4,017 homes left on the Calgary Real Estate Market. Sales and listings are both down from October 2021. The daily average units sold was down vs last year. However, the percentage of total listings was up from 42% to 46%. 

  • The Unfair Advantage

    The Unfair Advantage

    The Unfair Advantage Tool Uncovers Areas Of Opportunity For You. The Unfair Advantage Works! Buy Low and Sell high works if you know what the high and low values are. Every home sold in Calgary on the MLS System has a history. We use the history of all the home sales to plot the high, […]

  • 99% of Marketing is Price.

    99% of Marketing is Price.

    99% of Marketing A Home For Sale In Calgary Is Price Selling a home can be stressful for the calmest people amongst us. If it were easy, Realtors would be looking for a new line of work long ago. The three most important things about any property for sale are Location, Condition and Price. Att: […]

  • 2022 Sept Market Stats

    2022 Sept Market Stats

    The Calgary Real Estate Market in September of 2022 saw Detached Home Sales get Hammered by Higher Interest Rates while the same Higher Mortgage Interest Rates Prop Up Condo Sales.  

  • 2022 July Market Stats

    2022 July Market Stats

    Calgary Home Sales – July 2022 Stats All Calgary Homes – Detached, Attached, and Condos July 2022 Calgary Home Sales at 42% of Listings Sold continues to favour home sellers. The Calgary Real Estate Board, right or wrong, considers a three-month supply of inventory a balanced market. Over 33%, they say, is a seller’s market. […]