• Court of Kings Bench

    Court of Kings Bench

    Court of Kings Bench Foreclosure Listings Court Of Kings Bench Foreclosure Process The court is the legal seller. The court is acting as a middleman to protect the difference between what the home is worth and what the owner owes. The court is stopping the bank from taking direct control and disposing of the property […]

  • What is a Calgary Foreclosure

    What is a Calgary Foreclosure

    What is a Foreclosure Property For Sale In Calgary, Alberta? It’s best to create two lists to answer this question. One list for Types of Properties and one list For Types Of Sellers. What Are the Types Of Properties In Calgary? What Are The Types Of Property Sellers In Calgary? Foreclosure is a Seller Type […]

  • Foreclosures & Airbnb Business

    Foreclosures & Airbnb Business

    How One Calgary Investor Bought Foreclosures For A New Airbnb Business Our client recently bought 6 condos in one building to operate as his new Airbnb Business. This recently retired accountant crunched the numbers into a solid business plan and took action. His idea became his reality. We all have great ideas, and I’m sure you’ll have […]

  • Foreclosures Sold “As Is”

    Foreclosures Sold “As Is”

    Three Important Things To Know When Buying A Foreclosure In “As Is” Condition From The Banks Or The Courts Are: Buyers Take All The Risk In Exchange For A Discount On The Price. That would be the basic premise of buying a foreclosure. The seller is, in most cases, the bank or the courts. The […]

  • Finding Foreclosures

    Finding Foreclosures

    How You Can Find Calgary & Area Foreclosures For Sale Today In the coming months, a lot of people will be searching for Alberta Foreclosures for sale. Banks are raising interest rates on mortgages. Inflation is out of control. The stupid Russian invasion of a free country is wreaking havoc around the world. Oil prices […]

  • Cheap Calgary Homes

    The Top 5 Places We Can Help You Find Cheap Calgary Homes For Sale  Bank Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales are at the top of the list. People have visions of banks sitting on tons of properties that they are willing to sell cheaply. It’s a myth in Canada that banks sell homes cheaply. Let’s […]

  • Foreclosures – FAQs

    What Is A Judicial Or Court Of Queens Bench Listing In Calgary? What a Judicial Listings is not is a motivated seller. A Judicial Listing is a Court Ordered MLS® Listing of a property. The bank has obtained a Court Order to list the property for sale. At this point, the sellers could still catch up […]

  • About Buying Foreclosures

    Get The Truth About Buying Calgary Foreclosures The flow chart below answers many questions about buying foreclosures in Alberta. What is the difference between a bank-owned foreclosure and a judicial sale? Can the owner stop the sale of a foreclosure? What is the average sale price to list price for foreclosures in Calgary? Do foreclosure sellers supply Real Property […]

  • Foreclosure Help

    Foreclosure Help

    Are You Facing Foreclosure? I have been in the Calgary Real Estate Industry as a licensed Realtor since 2002. Even in this brief time, we have been through a few big swings in the market. Every downturn in the economy brings foreclosures to the market. Right now, we are watching the number of foreclosures start […]

  • The Foreclosures Process

    The Foreclosures Process

    3 Steps in The Foreclosure Process That is the short version of the foreclosure process in the City of Calgary. Of course, the route from #1 to #3 will take time and lots of twists and turns. “The foreclosure process starts slowly and can take a long time, sometimes years, to wind its way through […]