• Make Money Selling

    Make Money Selling

    How To Make Money Selling A Home In Calgary The first step is, to be honest with yourself about what your home is worth. Get the stats for the most recent sales and look at it from a buyer’s point of view. Without a buyer, there will be no sale.  So who are these buyers? […]

  • Selling A Home In Winter

    Selling A Home In Winter

    Selling A Home in the Winter – Pros & Cons Selling a home in the winter is a bit more of a hassle because of the weather. But there are advantages. The total number of listings on the market gets less and less as winter sets in. Other listings are your competition. In this case, […]

  • Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers in Calgary Most real estate transactions in Calgary have two law firms involved. One law firm for the buyer and another for the seller. When two law firms are involved, each is looking out for the best interests of their respective clients. Neither the buyer nor seller is well represented when only […]

  • 99% of Marketing is Price.

    99% of Marketing is Price.

    99% of Marketing A Home For Sale In Calgary Is Price Selling a home can be stressful for the calmest people amongst us. If it were easy, Realtors would be looking for a new line of work long ago. The three most important things about any property for sale are Location, Condition and Price. Att: […]

  • Sell a Home for Top Dollar

    Sell a Home for Top Dollar

    Selling A Home in Calgary For Top Dollar Selling a home in Calgary for the most money possible means close examination of three main areas. Market Supply – You do not control The Calgary Real Estate Market will be a Seller’s Market. Buyer’s Market or Balanced Market at any given time. The best time is […]

  • Showing Feedback

    Showing Feedback

    You want Feedback on the Showings of your newly MLS® Listed Home For Sale. You’ve listed your home for sale on MLS® and had a few showings. Now you want the hear some feedback from your Realtor®. But you are hearing nothing! Nothing is feedback. It’s telling you that the buyers who have seen your […]

  • Moving Day Checklist

    Top Moving Day Tips & Checklist For Calgarians It is official: you have signed the papers, dotted all the i’s, and crossed the t’s—you own a new home! You have almost reached the end of your journey. However, now, faced with the daunting task of moving, it may seem as though the journey has just […]

  • Real Property Reports

    Real Property Reports

    What Is A Calgary Residential Real Property Report? A Real Property Report for Calgary Residential Real Estate is a legal document that shows the property boundaries and anything on the property, like homes, decks, garages, pools, sheds, etc. It includes a visual scale drawing and remarks from the survey company. Homebuyers need to know what […]

  • Home Size Measurements

    Home Size Measurements

    How Homes Are Measured For Size By Realtors In Calgary Alberta real estate professionals must use the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) when measuring residential properties. This measurement standard helps consumers easily and accurately compare different types of residential properties. This guide will help consumers understand the RMS, and how Alberta real estate professionals use it. Your […]